that our fuel anode process converts natural gas at approximately 70% efficiency, vs. 40% for a typical single-cycle gas turbine or coal-fired boiler or 60% for typical gas combined-cycle generation with heat recovery?


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Infinium Metals Management Team :  Steve Derezinski
Steve Derezinski - CEO & Co-Founder
Steve, CEO & Co-Founder of INFINIUM (formerly MOxST), has over 23 years experience in building companies from foundational research. He received his MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management as an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, and has launched eight companies raising a combined $43M in VC funding from investors including Menlo Ventures, Interwest Partners, Sevin-Rosen Funds, Imlay Investments and Noro-Moseley Partners.
Steve founded INFINIUM along with Dr. Powell and grew the company from 2 to 20+ employees, raised $3.5M in private financing, licensed core/foundational patents exclusively from MIT/BU and has built core industrial partnerships for development and scaleup.

Steve is a past Board Member for MIT's National Alumni Association Board of Directors, and was the Founder and Managing Director of the Georgia Tech VentureLab. He received his S.B. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in 1990.
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Infinium Metals Management Team :  Adam C. Powell, IV
Adam C. Powell, IV - PhD, CTO & Co-Founder
Adam, CTO & Co-Founder of INFINIUM (formerly MOxST), has over 16 years experience designing, improving, and modeling processes for materials production and modification. His expertise includes broad materials coverage: metal extraction/refining and products, thin films, ceramic coatings, polymer membranes, batteries, and E-M propulsion.
He has pioneered innovations in phase field modeling for solidification, fluid-structure interactions, electrochemistry, and polymer membranes and has deep technology and domain experience with a PhD from MIT.

Along with Derezinski, Adam has built a world-class team at INFINIUM, growing the company from 2 employees to 20+ employees. Adam has led innovations for the company with experimental validation and scale-up design to turn core solid electrolyte metal extraction patents into a viable industrial process. He is the primary author of INFINIUM's patent portfolio with over seven applications (plus two provisionals), one with notice of issuance, and is the principle Investigator on $8.4M in government grants & contracts.

Prior to working with INFINIUM, Adam was on MIT's Material Science & Engineering faculty, and also received his PhD in Materials Engineering from MIT.
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For us, sustainability is not just about being green. It’s about leveraging resources over the long haul, which is a core component for any solid business. Our value proposition is to leverage existing elements from the earth via clean processes – with not only a positive environmental impact, but also an improved bottom-line for our customers. Combining this sense of value with a future vision is what provides the Clean Metal Element for any business.

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Human history has been defined by the dominant metal of each Age.  This refers to the actual elements involved, but also reflects the zeitgeist of the societies utilizing those resources that are accessible with the best available technology.  We feel it’s time for the ‘Clean Metal Age,’ to define how modern companies can leverage new breakthrough technology to bring greatest business value to customers.  Companies can do this by expanding the use of metals which are critical to sustainability, while also ensuring their essential materials continue to have long-term economic and environmental viability.

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